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Kevin Loewen

Kevin Loewen and his wife Lara live in Placerville with their three boys, Kevin Jr. (KAL), 13, Lucas 6 and Oliver, 1. Kevin has been the General Manager for El Dorado Hills CSD (EDHCSD) since 2016, and his background in public sector management, policies and operations span across two decades. His experience will be applied to pursue preservation and improvement in District 2, and across the County.

Kevin is committed toward enhancing the quality of life for the residents and community he serves. He seeks out greater efficiencies in, and for government in order to get the best return on investment in all ways possible for residents.

Loewen believes, more often than not, doing things differently is a requirement to achieve desired outcomes. Being innovative, and being creative is paramount. He declared giving back to the community as the foundation of his service, and while he will remain employed by EDHCSD, Loewen pledges to donate 50% of the net earnings from his District 2 Supervisor seat toward not-for-profit organizations, and efforts that directly benefit District 2. Therefore, he is starting his candidacy off a bit different right from the start. 

Voters will have a choice to make in this election, and if those voters value accountability, experience, and a commitment that is unrivaled, then lo and behold, Kevin Loewen is the right choice for El Dorado County Supervisor.

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